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TrueAlgae’s patented and proprietary technology in the research and development of high-quality microalgae is revolutionary in the bioscience industry.


Our vision is to be the leader in microalgae research and development, cultivation, and production. Through our superior and innovative technologies, we will create ecosystems (Microalgae Advanced Cultivation Plant) that are economically viable, efficiently operated, and provide our stakeholders and partners the highest return in investment.


We design and build superior environmentally friendly ecosystems that produce the purest quality and highest yields of microalgae for both commercial applications, and research and development purposes.


Our focus is on agriculture, aquaculture, and Biofeed markets. Our eight years of research and development in these areas makes us uniquely positioned to provide market ready solutions that are best in class. We will ensure a robust R&D effort and continue to innovate our proprietary technologies and efficient processes to develop solutions for other microalgae market sectors.

Our Culture

Integrity and persistent innovation are the primary core values that define TrueAlgae, Inc. We relentlessly pursue and develop new and creative technologies that provide solutions that advance microalgae cultivation. Our commitment to our values and integrity are reflected in the reliability of our products, our open and honest communications, and our dedication to quality. We want to responsibly unlock the potential of microalgae and provide enduring solutions for our customers, stakeholders, partners, and the world.