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Characteristics of Chlorella

  • Chlorella is a microorganism known as a kind of phytoplankton or green microalgae that photosynthesizes and lives in fresh water.
  • It is 2~10㎛ in diameter and proliferous in tetrapartite asexual reproduction. Breeding infinitely with carbon dioxide, water, light and microelement.
  • Chlorella is well known as a functional food material as it contains protein, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, chlorophyll, vitamins and various nutrients in equilibrium in the cell.
  • Research and development activities in food, pharmaceutical, livestock, bioenergy and agricultural industries are progressing quickly.

Agricultural Application of Chlorella

  • Since 2008, the Danyang District in Chungbuk Province in Korea applied Chlorella to more than 100 farms (most of them were apple farms) for the local agricultural product branding and image promotion of “Green Danyang District.” The result was great, but required high quality and massive volume production.
  • After the Danyang District project, TrueAlgae, Inc., have studied Chlorella’s agricultural usage and applications, as well as business feasibility study. In 2015, we built a demonstration plant with a 50,000-liter culturing capacity (covering 8,000 acres of crop land per day) in Goyang-City, Korea. It was certified and registered as an organic farming material by Korean government authority (Registration Number: 1-2-118).

Chlorella’s Agricultural Use Status

  • In Korea, since 2008, many different plants had been tested and grown, such as leafy vegetable, root vegetable, fruit vegetable, rice and fruit trees. Also applied to chicken in both drinking water and feedstock.
  • In India and Egypt, Chlorella powder or extract was applied to rice, lettuce and wheat. In 2014, Heliae, Inc., an Arizona-based company specializing in biofuel, announced that microalgae product Phyco Terra could be used agricultural purposes. This helped expand the microalgae market and designated it as a ecofriendly product.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Chlorella’s Use for Agricultural Applications

There are 7 major advantages using Chlorella as a bio-fertilizer to the plants.

  1. Acceleration of the growth -> Production yield increase (10%~300%)
  2. Quality improvement -> Color and sugar content increase
  3. Storage time improvement -> Increase shelf storage time (50%~400%)
  4. Less pesticide and fertilizer usage (15%~100%) -> Strengthen immunity by chlorophyll and beta carotene supply
  5. Improve soil environment -> Increase effective microorganism and decrease pathogenic microorganism
  6. Prevent blight and cold-weather damage -> Reduce more than 50% of downy mildew, sclerotial rot, gray mold, powdery mildew and pathogenic fungus, etc.
  7. Promote fruiting and prevent fruit falling à Healthy fruit plants/trees

There are no demerits using Chlopia® (TrueAlgae’s product name). The only issue is purchase cost of Chlopia®.

For example, 1 acre land of leafy vegetable cultivation farm case requires approximately 24 gallons for six months (1 gallon/week). A farmer’s Chlopia® purchase cost is $480 (US) (24 gallons x $20/gallon).  The minimum sales amount is approximately $17,390/six months and minimum production yield increase is 10% ($1,739). Chlopia® purchase cost is only 27% of increased sales income (saved pesticide and fertilizer cost are not calculated).

Is Chlorella safe to use for agricultural application?

  • Chlorella has certified as a functional food material in 2004 by public announcement (Number 2004-70, 2004.09.02) of “Healthy functional food standard” from Korea Food and Drug Administration.
  • Chlorella is proven and well known functional food material that effective for immunity activation, heavy metal and toxicity discharge, disease prevention, etc. and contains high nutrient ingredient such as protein, lipid, carbohydrate, fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Chlorella Supply for Farmers

  • For Chlorella’s usage expansion, TrueAlgae, Inc. has scientifically verified Chlorella’s effectivness and developed unique mass production technology.
  • TrueAlgae, Inc. will supply the product Chlopia® at a reasonable price to any agricultural farms directly.