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Creating the best environment for the best algae. That’s what we do.

TrueAlgae’s custom designed facility is revolutionary!

TrueAlgae’s facilities are truly balanced ecosystems. It starts with our sterilization technology. This enables us to effectively deploy our proprietary delivery system to do its job. It allows us to clean the water to produce the most pristine environment, and deliver the perfect mixture of nutrients for microalgae cultivation. Our building design is also a part of our process. Utilizing sensors, louvers, air circulation, and other techniques, we ensure that the facility maintains the most balanced greenhouse conditions.

Our research and development efforts are significantly enhanced by the pure quality and high yield of the raw material we create in our ecosystem. Of course, we also have a test facility and test equipment that ensures the facility always maintains its designed balance.

Our designs include  50-,100-,  200- and 1000-ton facilities, but will design and build to your requirements.

Example: A 200 ton cultivation facility produce 75kg of dry biomass (Chlorella Vulgaris) per day and 22,500kg per year.

Chlopia – The best product of its kind on the market!

Our super microalgae product for the Agriculture, Aquaculture, and Biofeed market is called “Chlopia.” It is developed from the cultivation and production of the purest quality Chlorella microalgae (microorganism and a phytoplankton). It proliferates in tetrapartite asexual reproduction and is 2-10μm. It contains a balance of various nutrients such as protein, lipids, carbohydrates,

Our AlgaeCampus produces five product lines:

  • Chlopia Leaf – Nutrients for leafy vegetables
  • Chlopia Fruit – Nutrients for fruit vegetables
  • Chlopia Tree – Nutrients for fruit trees
  • Chlopia Root – Nutrient for root vegetables
  • Chlopia Biofeed – Nutrients for animals

Our proprietary ingredients come from eight years of research and development. We have determined the exact nutrient mixture and delivery process for these Agriculture/Aquaculture environments. Our scientific research and field studies show that Chlopia: Enhanced organic seed germination which increased production yield; accelerated animal and crop growth which also increase production yield; increased hypotonicity of crop which extended product shelf storage time; increased antioxidation activity effect which decreased chemical usage; and decreased pesticide residue which produced healthy and high quality food. Chlopia product lines are by far the best products of their kind on the market.