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Production and Cultivation

We have developed a patented delivery process for the flawless mixture of nutrients that creates the perfect environment for the cultivation and harvesting of algae at the daily rate of 50%.

Facility Design and Build

Our sterilization technology and building designs create a customized production facility (ecosystem) that produces the purest quality and highest yield of microalgae available to date.

On average our ecosystem yields 50% more algae at half the cost, utilizing one-third the space of our competitors. This means with just 1/3 hectare, we can produce more than 22,500 tons of algae at 98%+ purity annually.

Research and Development

We focus on both technological innovations and continuous process improvements. Our sterilization technology ensures a pristine environment to cultivate our microalgae, and our propriety delivery system significantly enhances organic seed germination. Our high quality microalgae provides the best raw material for experimentation. While initial research has focused primarily on measuring/quantifying improvement of agriculture and aquaculture, partnering with universities has opened opportunities to study other algae strains and their intended purpose.

Product Development

We produce five ready for market Biofeed products. These products are suitable for the enhancement and growth of leaf vegetables, fruit vegetables, fruit trees, root vegetable, and animal feed supplementation.

Food Safety and Security

We have conducted extensive research and development of microalgae for use in agriculture, aquaculture, and Biofeed markets. Our field studies on fruits, vegetables, animals, and fish/shellfish revealed:

–  Enhanced organic seed germination which increased production yield

–  Accelerated animal and crop growth which also increase production yield

– Increased hypotonicity of crops which extended product shelf storage time

– Increased antioxidation activity effect which decreased chemical usage

– Decreased pesticide residue which produced healthy and high quality food