Our Technology

Our patent pending Vertical-Photo Bioreactor (V-PBR) production process creates highly efficient harvesting ratios. The closed loop system ensures medical grade cultured water and biomass with no cross-contamination and no wastewater discharge.


To communicate and commercialize the many healthful and beneficial aspects of microalgae for farmers and consumers in both developed and developing economies.


Our current focus is producing microalgae products that improve agriculture and poultry yields, creating compelling value propositions for the farmers and benefiting both the environment and consumers with healthy and safe products.

Our History

In 2009, Mr. Yong Woo Park, one of the founders of TrueAlgae, started experimenting with applying microalgae to soil and plants. He was astonished with the results: the soil seemed richer, the plants more robust and fragrant. But there was a problem: producing algae in traditional runway open ponds created problems with contamination, which affected the quality of the microalgae. After many years of experiments with production techniques, he developed a closed loop system that produced medical grade algae, suitable for multiple purposes, not just application for soils and plants. Now he is working with the TrueAlgae team to leverage the power of medical grade algae in many different vertical segments.