We want to be partners
with farmers

While our expertise is focused on microalgae production, we are also farmers. We understand the many challenges that farmers face, including drought, flash floods, pests, and unpredictable price changes for crops. And when it comes to input expenses, many fertilizer companies make farmers sign personal and joint guaranties, with interest and legal fees for unpaid balances.

We want to change that practice, so here is our pledge to the farmers:

  • No personal or joint guaranties
  • No interest charges or covering legal fees for collection
  • Free trial tests for bulk purchases

Instead, we ask our farmer customers to pay us a small portion on delivery and the balance when the harvest is sold to match your cash flow cycle. We will also give you free trial tests so you can see the efficacy of TrueAlgae with your own eyes. In other words, we share in the risk and reward. We are partners, not just another sales company.

Our value proposition for farmers

Focus on farmer’s needs

We understand that not all farms are alike. We ask questions and listen to your particular needs. We then structure solutions that are tailored to your crops and cash flow.


Experiment with trial tests

We respond to the data. We test our products in field trials constantly, looking for ways to improve yield, reduce diseases and improve shelf life.


Provide outstanding return on investment

Our goal is to help farmers improve their bottom line, through increased yields, reduced plant and poultry diseases and extended shelf life of plants. We show each client the Value Proposition by comparing cost of inputs per acre vs. increased profits through higher yields. Qualitative benefits such as sweeter fruits, longer lasting vegetables and healthier chickens are a bonus for the farmers.


Improve the quality of the soil and local environment

One of clients told us “The dirt is tired.” We hear you. In some places the earthworms have not been seen in decades. Using microalgae can help improve the porosity and richness of the soil, thereby encouraging healthy growth of roots and reducing harmful runoffs in heavy rains. And that makes the earthworms very happy.