Microalgae: a better solution

The miracle of microalgae is that under the right autotrophic conditions of sunlight, carbon dioxide and nutrients, it can reproduce itself in water at an astonishing rate. Our medical grade microalgae products contain an abundance of healthy nutrients including proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, minerals, chlorophyll and vitamins that are safe and can be used for a wide variety of applications: soil, plants, feed for poultry, animals and fish and nutraceuticals.

Happy plants. Better yields. Sweeter taste.

At TrueAlgae, we are proud to produce medical grade quality microalgae for a variety of healthy uses. When added to the soil, our microalgae products enhance seed germination and increase the yields of crops. Fruits and vegetables grow more robustly and taste sweeter. After they are harvested, they last longer both on the shelf and in the refrigerator.  When our microalgae is fed to chickens, both the chickens and the eggs are healthier for consumption. TrueAlgae is the healthy and cost effective solution for farmers looking for a better way to grow their crops and feed their livestock.

A better approach to helping farmers.

We know that farmers have heard it all about miracle products. They have heard every pitch, seen every product claim. Our approach is different. We let the farmers see for themselves the benefits of microalgae. No hard sell, no empty promises. We let you try our products for free and let you determine if you can see a discernable difference on your own soil, crops and poultry. We encourage farmers to talk to other farmers, that’s our approach.

Better for the environment. Better for consumers.

When applied through normal irrigation techniques to the soil, TrueAlgae’s Chlopia-P Liquid Fertilizer increases the Effective Microorganism (EM) population and enhances soil porosity. This in turn decreases harmful runoffs into rivers and lakes. Chlopia-P also diminishes the need for pesticides because it helps to build  more resilient cell walls, thereby enabling the plants to focus energy on growing.  And the use of fewer pesticides is good news for health conscious consumers.