TrueAlgae’s mission is to harvest the diverse universe of possibility from microalgae.

We believe algae can provide solutions to many of the world’s problems. Our company and technology are built to do just that.

TrueAlgae’s cutting-edge cultivation system comes from years of research by world class engineers and scientists, allowing for high quality, large scale, affordable and safe production of microalgae. With a sustainable, reproduceable supply of this valuable resource we are able to bring these innovative and environmentally friendly solutions to life.

The Technology Behind the Business

Challenges in growing and harvesting algae in a consistent and environmentally friendly way has inhibited microalgae’s wide use. TrueAlgae’s innovative closed-loop vertical photobioreactor is revolutionary in its ability to efficiently address these challenges. Our simply elegant technology is scalable and modular, providing a safe, natural and organic way to grow microalgae. Because of this fast and low-cost production system TrueAlgae can reach many markets including agriculture, animal feed, human nutrition and environmental clean-up.

Unlike harvesting algae from oceans, lakes and other water sources, TrueAlgae’s self-contained technology is easily located close to its point of use. This eliminates the expense and environmental impact of long-distance transportation. With our easy to scale low-capital design, facilities can be right-sized for specific applications and industries. Because we use both the biomass and the cultured microalgae growth water, there is no waste stream. Each component offers value, whether it is for plants, animals or humans. It is the perfect zero-waste system.

What’s So Special About Algae?

Microalgae is as old as life on our planet. These single cell powerhouses form the energy base for all aquatic life. But they are much more than that. Once considered a nuisance, greater understanding of algae’s value is starting to take hold. It is a rich source of nutrients including protein, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and even fat. In certain parts of the world it is revered and used in everything from food and beverages to cosmetics and even agriculture.

Microalgae are masterful at reproducing and can multiply at a very rapid rate. With water, sunlight and small amounts of micronutrients, microalgae are a rich, renewable resource of many valuable compounds. This means that there is an unlimited supply that is not dependent on time of year or use of valuable agricultural land.

Algae Create 50% of the Planet’s Oxygen

Microalgae are a critical part of this ecosystem we call earth. The carbon cycle is a well-known phenomenon in land plants. Plants take polluting CO2 from the air through photosynthesis, capture and use the carbon to grow, while releasing life sustaining oxygen back into our environment. Algae rely on the same principle to grow and thrive. With over 70% of the earth being covered by water, algae are a rich resource for cleaning our air. And not only do they clean the air, algae are critical to healthy waterways by supporting all aquatic life.

With TrueAlgae’s technology, we can grow large amounts of life-sustaining microalgae without the use of precious arable farm land. This means we can help feed the world and the planet, with these sustainable, powerful microorganisms while supplying valuable oxygen back to our environment. In the truest sense, this is nature helping nature.