TrueAlgae comes from the discovery of the benefits of microalgae for restoring soil, thus supporting food production in a sustainable way.

Recognizing that the limitation for widespread use of algae in agriculture was its efficient cultivation, our founders developed new technology to grow this valuable crop in unique, closed-loop, environmentally friendly photo-bioreactors. Harnessing the sun’s power and capturing CO2, the algae multiplies rapidly and provides a reliable, economical and sustainable resource for a multitude of uses.

At TrueAlgae we strive to improve our world every day. Our team is committed to thoughtful, sustainable, natural innovative solutions. Through our work to further the science and applications of algae we are making an environmental impact that will last generations. We believe in data as a basis for everything we do and transparency in everything we communicate.

Get to know our team

Nathaniel Jackson


Since November 2017, Nathaniel has been CEO of TrueAlgae. He is an experienced executive who spent over twenty years at the Inter-American Development Bank, one of the world’s last remaining AAA-rated banks. He was Chief of Staff for Private Sector Operations that averaged over $3 billion of investment approvals annually. He also co-headed “Opportunities for the Majority” $100 million fund, which targeted Base of the Pyramid clients. He is a founding partner of NExT Impact Ventures, an impact fund that made an initial investment in TrueAlgae.

Angela Tsetsis

Chief Science and Commercial Officer

After serving in an advisory capacity with TrueAlgae, Angela officially joined theTrueAlgae team in March of 2020. With 30+ years of management experience, and over 20 years in commercializing high value products from algae, Angela brings expertise in biotechnology, sales and marketing. Angela is a former Martek Biosciences senior executive where she managed their Commercial team resulting in over $400 million in annual sales. Martek, arguably the most successful algae company to date, was acquired by DSM for over $1 billion. In addition to her experience at Martek, Angela has worked with several start-up companies using various microbial technologies for health and wellness of people and planet.

Taka Kamezawa

Chief Relationship Officer

Taka joined TrueAlgae as CRO in January 2020, with prior experience as a senior advisor. He has exceptional global connections with experiences of advising, managing, and investing in startups and growth stage companies from AgTech to FinTech companies. He is an accomplished global executive and a CFA charter holder with over 25 years of investment and project experiences at several multilateral development banks including Asian Development Bank, International Finance Corporation, Inter-American Development Bank, and the World Bank. He has worked on private investments in over 50 countries when he worked for these development banks. Taka became a partner of NExT Impact Ventures to support promising startups.

Maria Paula Oliveira

Head of Business Development, Latin America

Maria Paula joined TrueAlgae in 2018 as a Project Manager, supporting regulatory, marketing and sales in the US. In 2020 she returned to her native Brazil to become our Head of Latin American Operations. In this role she researches and identifies new business opportunities and develops and manages relationships in the region. Before joining TrueAlgae, she worked for the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) where she served as a Project Assistant. Maria Paula holds a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Economics from the School of Advanced International Studies – Johns Hopkins in Washington DC.


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