Soil is a critical part of our ecosystem. It filters water, recycles essential nutrients to feed forests and crops, regulates the Earth’s temperature and manages important greenhouse gases.

A handful of healthy soil contains billions of microorganisms critical to fulfilling its role in our ecosystem. This diverse composition of microbes includes fungi, bacteria and even microalgae. When soil is at its best microalgae can be as much as 20% of this microbial biomass. But the inappropriate use of chemical fertilizers has disturbed this delicate balance and disrupted the natural cycle that preserves our planet.

TrueAlgae works with farmers to reestablish that natural cycle. Our product, TrueSolum®, is an organic and proprietary metabolite-rich liquid that is produced from the cultivation of microalgae. These metabolites stimulate the natural microbial activity in the soil helping to release, assimilate, solubilize and make key nutrients valuable to the crop. Third party research and our grower partners have verified many benefits including:

  • Enriched nutrient and water uptake
  • Enhanced plant and root growth
  • Increased microbial growth associated with healthier crops
  • Increased environmental stress tolerance
  • Improved yield

TrueSolum is easy to use. It can be added directly to irrigation water or tank mixed with other agriculture inputs for application to the soil. We recommend pre-treating the soil prior to planting seasonal crops to jump start the beneficial microbial activity.

For additional information, including product label, MSDS, use guidelines and trial results, please visit our TOOLBOX.

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