Animal production and animal products are critical components of the food chain.

Animal feed, although pivotal to livestock production, can have significant negative implications to environmental health and food security. Precious resources such as land, water and energy are used to produce the feed putting pressure on Earth’s finite resources, creating the need for more sustainable, innovative and efficient feed solutions.

TrueAlgaeTM’s cultivation technology provides a solution. Chlorella – a microalgae strain with scientifically proven benefits for animal nutrition, is easily scaled in our vertical photobioreactors allowing for efficient and environmentally friendly production of additives for animal nutrition.

In particular, chicken and egg production are key to addressing the challenge of feeding the growing number of people on the planet. Our product, TrueNutraTM, is an additive that when mixed with water given to chickens:

  • improves feed conversion ratio
  • reduces mortality rate
  • decreases cholesterol content
  • increases egg production and improves egg quality

There are numerous scientific studies showing the benefits of microalgae for many types of livestock including ruminants, pigs, rabbits and other poultry species. TrueAlgae has an on-going research program to further understand microalgae’s potential.

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