Happy plants. Better yields. Sweeter taste.

Chlopia-P™ Liquid Fertilizer

When we talked to farmers about enhancing their yields, they told us not to add any more time and labor to the process. Applying Chlopia-P fits right in the  normal irrigation process for plants, and the benefits are soon apparent: stronger root development, enhanced seed germination rates and significantly improved yields and plant vigor. Chlopia-P also increases the hypotonicity (retention of water) of the crops, thereby extending their shelf life time. It works with all fruits, vegetables, flowers, nursery products and grass.

Not all eggs are created equal

Chlopia-C™ Biomass Poultry Feed

When we add Chlopia-C in heavily diluted form to the water for chickens, a funny thing happens: the mortality rate of chickens goes down significantly and egg yields increase. From the egg consumer’s standpoint, cholesterol levels of the eggs are lower and the yolks are noticeably more robust and stand higher. In South Korea, eggs that come from chickens fed with Chlopia-C command premium prices. As they say, healthy chickens produce “Golden Eggs”!