Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ingredients of Chlopia-P™ Liquid Fertilizer?
Chlopia-P™ is derived 100% from micro-algae (the Chlorella Vulgaris strain).


Is Chlopia-P™ 100% organic?
Yes. It is 100% organic and non-GMO, with no residual chemicals such as pesticides or antibiotics.


How does the Chlopia-P™ increase the yield for plants?
The application of the Chlopia-P™ colonizes the rhizosphere (the interior of the plant) and the soil, thus promoting growth by accelerating the availability of primary nutrients to the host plant. Chlopia-P™ also enhances nutrient transfer, increases the population of beneficial organisms and stabilizes soil aggregates, all of which enhance plant health and thus improve yields.


What results have been verified by third party data?
Yes. When applied correctly, Chlopia-P™ Liquid Fertilizer has been shown to increase yields for fruits and vegetables. For fruits, Chlopia-P™ enhances the sugar (Brix) content and improves hypotonicity (retention of water) that leads to longer shelf life.


How do you apply the Chlopia-P™?
Chlopia-P™ can be added to the normal water irrigation process for plants, typically in dilution ratios of 1:200-250 with water. It can also be sprayed upon the leaves of the plants and grass.

What is the difference between Chlopia-P™ and Chlopia-C™?
Chlopia-P™ is a liquid fertilizer that is used as a Soil amendment for plants. Chlopia-C™ is a biomass that is derived from the same production process, diluted 300x in water and then added to the chickens’ drink.


What results can be seen by feeding chickens with Chlopia-C™ feed?
One of the most striking results is the sharp reduction among the chickens in the incidence of avian influenza (AI), which can be devastating for the chicken population. Chlopia-C also produces yolks that appear to be more golden than most eggs and has significantly lower cholesterol levels compared to other eggs. In China and South Korea, these “golden eggs” command a premium price of 10-50%.