AgLab Podcast Episode 2

Dec 14 2020

When we first started AgLab we knew we wanted to have two avenues to exploring the newest in Ag Tech. We wanted to discover the newest applications of technology, and, at the same time, talk to agriculture industry experts to learn more about the needs and innovations within their specific fields.

For the first interview we talked with Josh Young. Josh was the owner of a traditional chemicals company that was extremely successful, but after seeing the pitfalls of the way conventional farming treated the soil, he had an abrupt shift in how he wanted to approach farming. That, along with a kismet meeting with Nutritional Farming expert Graeme Sait at a convention, led Josh down the path he is on now, regenerative agriculture.

He now sees the soil in need of healing as an opportunity to continue learning and be a better steward of the land, and a better adviser to farmers. He takes us through his journey to understanding the land in a way he never could have before, and how enriching this path of discovery has been.

In the episode he discusses the major tenants of regenerative agriculture. We include those below so that you can see a different direction starting to form that will attempt to treat the soil as more than a medium for growing.

  • Regenerative Agriculture Principles
  • Plants have natural immunity to disease and insects.
  • Mineral nutrition supports natural plant immunity.
  • Microbial metabolites are a more efficient source of nutrition.
  • Quality drives yield.
  • Healthy plants create healthy soil.
  • Insects are nature’s garbage collectors.
  • Diseases are nature’s demolition crew.
  • Weeds are a barometer.

All of these principles point to a shift in traditional growing, to use information the land gives as an indication of its health, and treating the soil constantly to maintain optimal levels, instead of reactively treating crops with more general treatments.

Josh has a unique perspective because of his past use of traditional growing methods. He continues to learn every day and find new ways to better understand the land.

Regenerative Agriculture is a growing movement that has the potential to change the procedures that have been common in farming for years. Will it be for the better? Even Whole Foods 2020 trends list features the rise of Regenerative Ag. This will be very interesting and fascinating to track as it continues to gain steam.

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