TrueAlgae® Closes Seed Round With Key Institutional Investors

Sep 2 2021


Chantilly, VA: GreenTech Ventures, Inc., dba TrueAlgae, is pleased to announce Harvard Business School (HBS) Alumni Angels of Greater New York, Caygan Capital, Crimson Investment Fund (CIF) and Propel (X) as key investors in the latest round of funding for TrueAlgae.

– HBS Alumni Angels of Greater New York’s members are Harvard Business School or Harvard University Alumni who help entrepreneurs succeed. It is the largest angel group in New York with over 350 angel investors and investments in more than 100 early stage companies.
– Caygan Capital is based in London and Singapore with strong connections in Japan. It is guided by the Japanese philosophy of deep insight to uncover the true essence of things. The Founder and CIO, Naruhisa Nakagawa, personally invested in TrueAlgae.
– CIF financially supports new businesses and start-ups and provides functional expertise from their Board of highly experienced professionals who are also Harvard Business School alumni.
– Propel (X) is a premier digital platform facilitating private venture capital for Deep Tech innovation, with its mission to enable investments in technologies that matter and thus build the next generation of great companies.

TrueAlgae will use the funds to further research and expand sales of TrueSolum®, an organic liquid soil amendment produced during the growth of algae.TrueAlgae produces TrueSolum through its innovative, scalable algae production system. The patented production technology brings a closed-loop, contaminant-free capability to produce large quantities of valuable, high-quality algae quickly. TrueSolum is the resulting product for agriculture. It is a metabolite-rich liquid supplied to farmers to rejuvenate their fragile soil organically, thus improving crop yields, increasing farmers’ profits, and protecting the environment.

“It is gratifying to have these prestigious institutional investors join our team”, said Nathaniel Jackson, CEO of TrueAlgae. “The level of expertise and success represented in these groups will provide insight and guidance as we continue to grow and expand our business. We appreciate their support and look forward to leveraging their insights and connections.”

About TrueAlgae
TrueAlgae, the operating name of GreenTech Ventures, Inc., is a US-based biotechnology company with a global reach. The revolutionary closed-loop, proprietary algae production technology creates the delivery of high-quality microalgae for a multitude of uses, including agriculture. Future applications could include aquaculture, human and animal nutrition, as well as personal care products.