Truealgae® Welcomes Kimberly Wagner And Sara Faivre As New Board Directors

Apr 3 2024


Chantilly, VA, April 3: TrueAlgae (the operating name of GreenTech Ventures, Inc.) is pleased to announce the election of Sara Faivre, PhD., and Kimberly Wagner, PhD. to its Board of Directors. Both Drs. Faivre and Wagner bring extensive agriculture and management experience and will be valuable resources to guide TrueAlgae in the next phases of technical development and commercial growth. They will replace Yong Woo Park and Oscar Lumen as Directors.

TrueAlgae is pioneering the use of algal metabolites to address challenges in agriculture and beyond. Our innovative approach uses algae as a factory to produce customizable metabolite mixtures tailored to specific agricultural needs. TrueAlgae’s patented production technology brings a closed-loop, contaminant-free capability to produce large quantities of valuable, high-quality metabolites. The company’s metabolite mixtures are currently used in agriculture to rejuvenate the earth’s depleted soil organically, thus improving crop yields, increasing farmers’ profits, and protecting the environment.

Sara Faivre is a public and private Board Director with expertise in agriculture, sustainability, ag finance and agtech. She is a longtime Board Director of Farmer Mac, a multi-billion dollar public company. She is a board member of the National Association of Corporate Directors (NACD) of Texas Tri-Cities. Dr. Faivre co-founded and held executive positions at two agricultural biotech startups: GenomicFX and Viagen. Dr. Faivre earned her B.S in Ag Business and Animal Science from Iowa State and holds a PhD in Genetics from Texas A&M University.

Kimberly Wagner is a scientist, entrepreneur, and business leader with over two decades of experience advising companies on strategy and operational improvement in the agriculture, food, and life science sectors. She is the founder of TBGD partners, a boutique firm providing expertise to early and mid-stage ventures in agribusiness, food and life sciences sectors. She has been a Venture Partner at Flagship Pioneering, a biotech fund, and President and COO of CiBo Technologies. She serves as an alumni-elected member of Cornell’s Board of Trustees. Dr. Wagner holds a PhD in Biological Chemistry from Harvard University, an MS in Animal Science from Texas A&M University, and a BS with distinction in Biology and Animal Science from Cornell University.

“We are thrilled to have Sara and Kim join us as we chart our path forward in agriculture and develop new market opportunities in animal health”, said Nathaniel Jackson, CEO of TrueAlgae. “I also want to thank Yong Woo Park and Oscar Lumen for their service to TrueAlgae during our formative years.”

“I see a lot of business opportunities for TrueAlgae that I can help unlock, specifically with regenerative agriculture farms and ranches, as well as in animal nutrition, especially targeting dairy cattle and chickens,” said Sara Faivre.

Kim Wagner commented, “I understand the value proposition of algal metabolites and can envision TrueAlgae having a significant valuation someday.”

About TrueAlgae

TrueAlgae, the operating name of GreenTech Ventures, Inc., is a US-based ag biotechnology company with a global reach. The revolutionary use of metabolites from algae provides innovative approaches to a variety of market opportunities, including agriculture, aquaculture, and human and animal nutrition.