AgLab Podcast Episode 4

Jul 6 2021

This week on Aglab we had a conversation with Vikram Baliga. Vikram just received his doctorate in Horticulture Science at Texas Tech University where he now works. He is the Greenhouse Manager at the Department of Plant and Soil Science as well as an instructor. He also manages many of the social media profiles for the department on top of hosting two podcasts, Planthropology and The Plant Prof.

Planthropolgy is a show exploring people who are passionate about plants. Each week he interviews incredible guests to learn more about their specific interests as well as what made them “plant people”.

The Plant Prof is more loosely structured and features a wide assortment of interesting facts and plant tidbits.

We explore with Vikram the direction that an educator and researcher takes in trying to tackle some of agriculture’s biggest issues. From water conservation to increasing efficiency, he walks us through some of the trials going on right now at Texas Tech, and some of the indicators he sees for the future.

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