TrueAlgae® Announces Pam Marrone as Strategic Advisor

Sep 7 2022


Chantilly, VA: GreenTech Ventures, Inc., dba TrueAlgae®, is delighted to announce the addition of Pam Marrone as Strategic Advisor. Dr. Marrone is a serial entrepreneur and has a distinguished 30+ year career in the field of biological products and plant health.

TrueAlgae produces TrueSolum® through its innovative, scalable algae production system. The patented production technology brings a closed-loop, contaminant-free capability to produce large quantities of valuable, high-quality algae quickly. TrueSolum is the resulting product for agriculture. It is a metabolite-rich liquid supplied to farmers to rejuvenate their fragile soil organically, thus improving crop yields, increasing farmers’ profits, and protecting the environment.

“We are thrilled to have Pam Marrone as our Strategic Advisor,” said Nathaniel Jackson, CEO of TrueAlgae. “Pam is a legendary pioneer in the biologicals industry and will be helping us with strategic advice based on her many years in the field and taking companies from startup to IPO or purchase. Pam has repeatedly helped other companies that are working to promote soil health and the environment. TrueAlgae shares this core philosophy.”

“I am always on the lookout for startups with new technology that can offer growers something unique and value added,” stated Pam Marrone.  “TrueAlgae’s biostimulant product, which can help crops take up certain nutrients, is particularly interesting given the current price of crop inputs and need for more efficient use of fertilizer.”

About TrueAlgae

TrueAlgae, the operating name of GreenTech Ventures, Inc., is a US-based biotechnology company with a global reach. The revolutionary closed-loop, proprietary algae production technology allows the delivery of high-quality microalgae for a multitude of uses, including agriculture. Future applications could include animal nutrition, aquaculture, as well as personal care products.

About Pam Marrone

Pam Marrone spent her 30+ year career focused on biological products for pest management and plant health, having started and led three bioag companies (one of only 32 women founders to have taken her company public). In August 2020, Dr. Marrone retired as CEO of Marrone Bio Innovations (NASDAQ: MBII), a company she started in 2006 and listed on NASDAQ (MBII) in 2013 and recently sold to Bioceres Crop Solutions (NASDAQ:BIOX) in July 2022.  She remains an advisor to BIOX. She is the board member and past treasurer of the Association for Women in Science, on the board of the Foundation for Food and Agricultural Research, is a Senior Fellow of the Arizona State University Swette Center for Sustainable Food Systems and is a past alumni-Trustee of Cornell University.  She serves on the boards of 180 Life Sciences (NASDAQ:ATNF), Stem Express and Pheronym. Among her many honors, the American Chemical Society recently awarded her the “Kathryn C. Hach Award for Entrepreneurial Success.” She has a B.S. in entomology with Honors and Distinction from Cornell University and a Ph.D. in entomology from North Carolina State University.